Rolfing Library - Scholastic Contribution Survey

Thank you for your interest in this survey! Our research team is conducting this study to assess Rolfing Memorial Library’s role in contributing to global evangelical scholarship. You will be asked to respond to up to 43 questions about your use of the library at Trinity, your scholarly activities, and general demographic data. We anticipate that this survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and we foresee no personal or professional risk to you as a participant. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary; you don’t have to answer any question(s) that you don’t want to, and you may end the survey at any time. Your responses will remain confidential, and as soon as we match your library usage data (how many books you checked out and articles you requested -- but no specific titles) with your responses, your identifying information (marked as “Personal Information” in the survey) will be stripped off of your data set. We won’t look at any of your other responses until we’ve completed this step.

The results of this study will help us to review not only Rolfing’s contribution to the scholarship at Trinity, but also Trinity’s role in contributing to global scholarship. We’ll also use these results to help gauge the effectiveness of our library’s resources for students, staff, faculty, and alumni, and we’ll share the results with the preparation team for our upcoming accreditation assessment with the Association of Theological Schools. Beyond the Trinity community, we hope that, by sharing the results of our work in presentations and/or published articles, we can help to broaden the conversation about libraries’ unique role in fostering scholarly discourse in the wider world.

If you have any questions or concerns about the study, please feel free to contact any member of our research team; our contact information can be found below. Thank you for your participation! We’re grateful for your help, and look forward to learning from your insight and experiences.

Becky Frank, Assistant Library Director -, 847-317-4020
Jodi Craiglow, Ph.D. Candidate, Educational Studies -, 847-317-4000
Rebecca Donald, Director, University Library Services -, 847-317-4013

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